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MovieMail is Podcasting

MovieMail is the first online DVD retailer to create Podcasts – a cutting edge new format and a great new way to communicate.

Our Podcasts provide incisive, intelligent analysis of notable new DVDs and are a must-listen for fans of cinema.

Podcasting is an increasingly popular way of broadcasting programmes on a particular theme on the internet. It allows people to subscribe to a programme and automatically receive new podcasts as and when they are posted. The podcasts can then be listened to via an mp3 player or on a computer.

Every 2 weeks, MovieMail’s Graeme Hobbs takes a look at a couple of significant DVD releases, providing an informative appraisal of the films in question.

Recent Programmes
Carl Theodor Dreyer
One of the great artists of world cinema, with a style increasingly honed to a kind of purity, his films reward repeated viewings. Four are newly available on DVD, and Graeme reviews two of them, Day of Wrath and Master of the House.

Portrait of Jason (Shirley Clarke) and David Holzman's Diary (Jim McBride)
These landmark works of cinema verite were both filmed in New York in 1967 and show how new lightweight equipment and innovative filming techniques away from the mainstream enabled filmmakers to bring a wider range of people’s stories to the screen.

It Happened Here and The Sun
Both films are set in the latter stages of the Second World War, though that’s just about where all similarities end. The Sun is the enigmatic Russian director Alexandr Sokurov’s portrait of Emperor Hirohito in the days before his surrender, while It Happened Here is Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo’s remarkable film of life and collaboration in Nazi-occupied England.

YES and The Ear
Films in which a couple's intimate relationship is imposed upon and changed by a larger political situation. YES is Sally Potter’s response to the poisonous atmosphere of mutual distrust that has followed in the wake of 9/11, while The Ear is set in communist-era Czechoslovakia, and is a film of fear and paranoia as a couple play out their marital strife in a bugged apartment.

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