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New Web Hosting Blog - "Daw" Has Been Launched

A new blog covering web hosting topics named Daw, has been launched this month. It covers various issues related to the web hosting industry from newbie knowledge to high-end news.

The blog owner Dimitar Avramov, manager of a network of web hosting and webmaster directories, says that users can expect him to post useful information on web hosting. Vistors can share his views and thought about the market trends and industry's development.

Mr. Avramov's who is a former CEO of a web hosting company says that he will try to use his experience in the hosting business to bring to the readers' attention to important issues such as news, stories, surveys, polls, analysis and other factors that play a significant role in the hosting industry's developments.

The blog's owner adds that his blog will act as whistle-blowing media to help both consumers and producers to avoid fraudulent activities, overselling, spamming and other problems that hinder the development of the web hosting business.

The Author opened a "Daw" hosting blog with a title "Newbies - How To Choose a Web Host?" It is a remake of his old article published in InetIntercatvice's web site HostPapers. It offers advice to people who are new to the web hosting market.

Other stories published on the blog's pages are focused on how Internet surfers deal with the search results, hosting administration software, etc.
The recent story "Who's Bad" takes the users to reviews about web hosts, posted in the popular web hosting forums.

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