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Robert Rickenbacker—AKA Mr.R is back again with a new sitcom

Robert Rickenbacker—AKA Mr.R has signed on to play the role of Monty in the new online sitcom After Ours Produced by Hubcity Television.

When rapper/actor Robert Rickenbacker aka Mr.R signed on to star in producer Rahman Turners new online sitcom "After Ours", he didn’t expect to be part of a revolution in online entertainment.

"After Ours" is a new "Friends" style show with the online debut coming soon to a computer near you. Featured in the role of Monty, the resident party animal among a group of post-graduate pals and the DJ at a club they hang out at,is Rickenbacker, who has been making tracks as an up and coming performer. Rickenbacker’s credits include a dramatic role on an HBO pilot, sketch comedy for a Comedy Central pilot, stage performances in theatre, and an appearence in a Miller Light commercial. Rickenbacker has shown up on NBC’S Today in New York and the WB 11 Morning News, and recently completed 13 episodes of a cartoon series doing seven different voices. Rickenbacker has also appeared in the Samuel L Jackson film Freedomland and will be appearing in the upcoming film Social Grace starring Margaret Cho and directed by BD Wong.

After Ours represents a chance for the little guy according to Rickenbacker, working on the premise that the show will reach millions of viewers worldwide. In addition, the Hubcity Television website is up although it remains a work in progress, plans for the website include not just After Ours, but as many as 19 other original shows, feature length independent films, and classic programming such as old cartoons and tv shows from the 1950’s and 60’s.

Other characters include Shannon, a former everything and encyclopedia of usless information, Pia, every mans nightmare girlfriend, Kim, a self proclaimed psychic, clifford their schizophrenic landlord and former child star, Raj, the hardest working man at being lazy, juniors, who can sell icecubes to eskimos, the show is wriiten and produced by Rahman Turner for Hubcity Productions.

Look out for great things to come from Robert Rickenbacker—AKA Mr.R, this is only the beginning for this rising star!!!!!!!!!

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