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New Award For Search Engines

Louisville Kentucky USA  March 15, 2006 --- Stephen E. Arnold, much sought-after consultant, popular lecturer and established author on technology, has established and funded a new award for the “Best Paper at the 11th Search Engine Meeting”.  The “EVVIE,” a special award honoring one of the leaders in the technology industry, will be presented at the 11th Annual Search Engine Meeting April 24-25, 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts (USA).

The award is to be given each year at this important industry event, which features technical presentations from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and search experts from other organizations and university information retrieval research laboratories worldwide.

Everett Brenner of Port Washington, New York, was a pioneer in indexing, search and retrieval and considered a leader in the industry.

He was the former director of online services at the American Petroleum Institute and was one of the founding fathers of modern search and retrieval.  Brenner was 80 years old and recently died recently on January 26, 2006.  He innovated for decades and set high standards for those in the information retrieval sector.

Mr. Arnold said,  “EV was truly the guiding force for all of us in the industry.  His visionary achievements led the information age into becoming the power it has turned out to be.”

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