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Concept In Boating Makes Owning A Sailboat Or Yacht Super-Affordable!

Sailtime Opens Up New York’s Waterways… Isn’t It Time You Got On Board?

New York, NY -- Now you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy owning a spectacular sailboat or powerboat and maintain it at one of the superb marinas in New York City or Long Island. From Chelsea Piers to City Island to Manhasset Bay, To Port Jefferson, SailTime is the new way to own a World-Class vessel without the hassle of marina fees, insurance, or maintenance. SailTime does it all for you. The time you spend on your boat you spend sailing. All of SailTime’s boats are new and top of the line. Everything is maintained to extraordinary levels. All you have to do is get on board and have fun.

There have always been people who have shared boats, and everyone has heard stories about friends who own boats who are no longer friends. What makes SailTime fractional ownership different from any previous arrangements is their level of high-grade professional management that makes sure everyone is happy.

"The technology is what is making this happen," says Mathias Chouraki of SailTime New York and Long Island. "You do everything online — just check the calendar and decide what days you want to go sailing. Each SailTime member is guaranteed a minimum of 7 sail times per month and has the possibility to add up to 14 sail times together, which means it is possible to go out for an entire week, and whenever the boat is not booked by other members, there is the possibility of unlimited sail times per month. "Each boat is equipped with a PDA that stays on board, and there is a check -in and check-out list that insures security, cleanliness, and that all equipment is maintained and well-functioning. The base manager can take care of everything immediately, from fuel and supplies to toilet paper and readies the boat for the next member. The boats stay in fantastic shape."

SailTime’s smaller boats, the Hunter 33s (SailTime sails Hunter boats exclusively) feature two cabins and sleeps two couples comfortably, but could easily fit six. They are very well-appointed with showers, heat, AC, and hot water. The galley has a microwave and a stove, there are DVD players and flat-screen TVs, stereos —they are comparable to small homes and that's just the comfort equipment — all boats also feature Auto Pilot and chartplotter GPS units for simple or advanced navigation. It’d be easy to sail from, say, New York to Boston or Newport, or Atlantic City. "And," adds Chouraki, "SailTime has boats up and down the East Coast that you can borrow when you are a member." Currently there are thirty SailTime locations in the US and even more internationally.

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