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Clarence (T)

Clarence is a town located in the northeastern part of Erie County, New York, USA. The population of the town was 26,123 as of the 2000 census. Clarence is also the name of a postal district in the south part of the town. It is named after the House of Clarence in England. The town of Clarence is in the northeast part of the county. The town is northeast of Buffalo. There are no villages within the town.
The local natives called the area city of trees, Place of Hickory bark. The town of Clarence claims to be the first town in Erie County, and many other towns, villages, and cities have been formed from parts of this original town. The defunct town of Willink was also a source of new towns, being completely partitioned for this purpose.
Western New York was part of the Holland Purchase. When Genesee County was established in 1802, all of the region was part of the Town of Batavia, the single, original town of Genesee County. Clarence was, along with Willinck, created in Niagara County and Clarence was split off from Willink in 1804, even before Niagara County was created in 1808. Clarence in the north and Willink in the south, then became the two original towns of Erie County before the county was created in 1821, and both towns had already been partly subdivided into the newer towns of the county at the time Erie County was formed.
One of the first settlers in the town was Asa Ransom, who has given his name to several locations. Asa Harris, a former colonial officer, established a tavern in the town in the community of Harris Hill. Clarence is an extensive community of homes and businesses. Its historical society is located on Main Street in this community. Part of the community is within a small valley which is traversed by Ransom Creek. Clarence is a major destination for antiques lovers.
Clarence is a town known for its historic myths and traditions, scenic beauty, cooperative people and luxurious hotels and cottages. It is one of the favorite holiday places for most of the vacationers.

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