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Staten Island (B)

New York is a state in the northeastern United States. Majority of the population is concentrated in the southern portion around New York city. The state is often regionalized into upstate and downstate. New York is the home of Ellis Island, where many immigrants in the early 20th century arrived in the United States.

Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of New York City. According to the United States census bureau, the borough has a total area of 265.5 square kilometers of which 151.5 square kilometers is land and 114.0 square kilometers is water. With a population of just over 460,000, Staten Island is often called the forgotten borough or the step sister borough, as it is less well known than its four sisters, the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn. It is situated on an island of the same name that is the most geographically separate from the city's boroughs. It is the smallest of the 5 boroughs in population and third largest in area being 153 square kilometers.
By far the least populated, most ethnically homogeneous and most remote borough of New York city, Staten Island is primarily suburban. Much of the central and southern sections of the island were once dominated by dairy and poultry farms, some of which were still in existence as recently as the early 1960s. Some areas have an urban feel comparable to the areas of eastern Queens and northern Bronx. The borough's steady rise in population since the opening of the Verrazano Narrows bridge has added to a sharp increase in traffic that plagues the island and is a cause of frequent road repairs and accidents. Education is provided by a number of public and private institutions.

This borough provides endless recreational opportunities for visitors and locals and also offers smooth sea breezes and endless blue skies all the year. This place is regarded as a premier vacation destination with plentiful shopping and beautiful beaches and rated as top vacation spots in New York. Hence it is one of the most visited places amongst the most die hard travelers the world over. Today, one can also learn about its history, from its earliest times and gain enthusiasm in its natural beauty and populace. The Staten Island is one of the most visited places amongst the most die hard travelers the world over.

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