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Tonawanda (C)

New York is a state in the northeastern United States. Majority of the population is concentrated in the southern portion around New York City; the state is often regionalized into Upstate and Downstate. New York is the home of Ellis Island, where many immigrants in the early 20th century arrived in the United States.
Tonawanda is a municipality in Erie County, New York. In 2000, the population of the city was 16,136 and an area of 10.6 square kilometers. The city of Tonawanda is at the northern edge of Erie County, across the Erie Canal from Niagara County. Tonawanda began as a hamlet in 1808 with the settlement of Henry Anguish who built a log home in 1808 and a tavern in 1811 at the mouth of Tonawanda Creek where it empties into the Niagara River. Tonawanda incorporated as a village in mid century and as a city in 1904.  
Tonawanda borders the town of Tonawanda to the south and east and the city of North Tonawanda in Niagara County to the north. The Niagara River forms part of the western boundary. In conjunction with the city of North Tonawanda, the city of Tonawanda celebrates an annual Canal Festival.  
New York is a popular travel destination for visitors and globe trotters from all over the world who appreciate its beautiful landscapes, rich culture, various local cuisine, hospitality and safety.

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