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Liberty Travel: Where Travel Begins

Liberty Travel is an important company in the travel industry that was created by Fred Kassner and Gilbert Haroche in 1951 in Times Square.  They were the ones who began working with a very innovative “package vacation”, and, because of this reason, the company experienced an incredible growth.  Thus, in 1959, they included some extra destinations such as the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.  In the same way, throughout the 70’s and 80’s, Bermuda, Jamaica, Aruba, the Dominican Republic and Mexico, among many others, started being part of Liberty Travel’s destinations.  In the last 20th century’s decades, their customers were then able to travel to Asia, Canada, Europe and Central America.

But, why is it that Liberty Travel is so well-known these days? The answer is very simple since it can be summed up in three words: guaranteed customer satisfaction.  The fact that they rely on a reliable service for a half century makes clients feel secure.  With Liberty, people are always able to find exclusive offers in addition to their great prices.  Besides, they can make sure their vacation is being arranged in the best way by knowledgeable travel professionals, and for this matter, they have developed a personal approach to excellence.  Moreover, they confer their customers a unique fantastic guarantee & liberty travel’s exclusive warranty.  However, as if it were not enough, you have a Liberty’s travel protection plan at your disposal that includes a wide range of benefits and advantages that are exclusive for Liberty.

If you have always thought a cruise to be part of your dreamed vacation, Liberty Travel now offers you the opportunity of having access to it.  A crucial feature at Liberty is that they rely on specific offers for every single person with particular needs, age and budget.  In this way, you will always find an appropriate option with the traits that fulfill your expectations regardless of what you are looking for.

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