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Global Experts in Travel: Innovation and High-Qaulity

Global Experts in Travel (GET) is a company dedicated to offer great travel services by providing personalized particular travel programs.  Boasting more than 15 completely owned locations, they consider that their success lies in the fact that they pay special attention to offering high-quality, responsiveness and innovation regarding their customized travel programs.  Since this company has experienced an amazing growth in all aspects, they are now one of the leading travel management companies in the northern part of the continent.  In addition, in 2004, the Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) certified GET.

This worldwide famous travel company called Global Experts in Travel has their headquarters strategically situated in Troy, Michigan.  Their travel volume exceeds the $2.2B per year, which demonstrates their impressive stability.  For this matter, they rely on thousands of happy customers that have relied on them.  One of the features that have gotten them to the place they are today is that they strongly believe in the “think-global-act-local” philosophy.

Moreover, if personalization and client satisfaction oriented service constitute what you are looking for in a travel company, you are on the very right track.  GET is always willing to offer you just what you have planned and not what it is just available.  In this way, they achieve customer satisfaction at a 100%.  Thus, if you are looking for an innovative way of traveling, now you have GET at your disposal.

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