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Garber Travel: The Travel Management Company

Garber Travel was founded in 1946, a time when they started with the marvelous idea of offering great travel programs. One remarkable feature about Garber is that they do not consider hierarchy within the company is important anymore.  In spite of the fact that you may believe that you could never benefit from it, definitely, you will since you will receive assistance from the highest level of their management whenever you need it.  In addition, since they have 60 years of experience, they are completely capable of satisfying even your most demanding expectations.  Garber Travel was recently certified by the WBE as a woman owned business enterprise.  It was given the fifth place of the 100 Woman-Led Business.

Due to their great expectations for the company, they joined SYNERGI, Inc. and became their partner in the U.S. nation.  SYNERGY, in particular, relies on a more than $11 billion turnover.  In addition, just for you to have an idea of how big this company is, you should know that they have a 12,000-empolyee workforce and more than 3,000 offices all over the world.  According to their clients, Garber relies on 99% of customer satisfaction, which is a figure difficult to find in other similar companies.

Garber is constantly making great efforts in order to improve and include other and better new services and programs since their main objective lies in their customers’ satisfaction.  Besides, new trends are being implemented in order for you to have certain unique facilities with Garber.  Nevertheless, they are also focused on lowering prices and increasing savings.  This is why they challenge you to find another travel management company that can make save you as much money as Garber Travel does!  However, they recommend you not to spend your valuable time!

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