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Times Square: Brightness, Commerce and Entertainment

Times Square is a neighborhood that is located in Manhattan, New York City on 42nd Street and Broadway. It covers the blocks situated between 6th and 9th Avenue from the east to the west and the 39th and 52nd Streets from the south to the north. This place constitutes the western part of the commercial area of Midtown Manhattan.

The vitality of Manhattan is represented on Times Square, a zone where the tenants have to display bright signs of big size. An example of this is the NASDAQ sign which is the largest LED sign of the world; building this 37 feet high sign cost around $37 million.

An estimate of 26 million people visits Times Square every year. This place has changed a lot since the day when it was inaugurated around 100 years ago. The change that it has suffered has been called the Disneyfication of Times Square.

Every year, on December 31st near midnight, the attention of the entire world turns into the luminosity and energy of Times Square, a placer where New Year’s Eve is more than a mere celebration, it is a rich tradition that the whole world acknowledges. There is no better way to end a year and begin another than being present in the center of New York, holding your breath while the New Year’s Eve Ball begins to descend from a flagpole in Times Square. Imagine yourself being surrounded by 750,000 people, while billions around the world watch full of anticipation. Do not miss the chance to enjoy what Times Square has to offer.

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