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The Brooklyn Bridge: An Engineering Marvel

In 1869, the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge began; it was opened on May 24, 1883, after fourteen years of labor, that day, 150,300 people and 1,800 vehicles crossed the bridge. This bridge was originally named the New York and Brooklyn Bridge; it is among the oldest suspension bridges of the country. This bridge has a stretch of 1,834 m (6,016 feet) over East River. At the moment of its completion, the Brooklyn Bridge was the first suspension bridge of steel-wire of the world. Around 27 people died during the construction of the bridge.

John August Roebling owned the architectural firm that designed this bridge. Today, the Brooklyn Bridge has six lanes for vehicles and a separate walkway in the centerline that pedestrians and bicycles can use.

The Brooklyn Bridge embodies optimism, exemplifies what technology is capable of and is a reflex tenacity and sacrifice. In the late 20th century, John Perry wrote that the builders of the bridge needed a leap of faith to control the technology with their abilities.

The American Society of Civil Engineers designated the Brooklyn Bridge as a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark and the federal government designated it as a National Historic Landmark. According to the Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT), this bridge carries 145,000 vehicles a day.

Being able to climb over the river and cross from Brooklyn to Manhattan is an experience that every pedestrian wants to live. If you go to New York, do not forget to admire this amazing structure.

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