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St. Patrick’s Cathedral Symbolizes Faith

For a long time throughout history, St. Patrick’s Cathedral has been known as the center of Catholic life in the United States. It is also the largest Catholic Cathedral decorated in a gothic-style in this country. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is located in Manhattan at 50th Street and Fifth Avenue across the street from Rockefeller Center. In 1858, St. Patrick’s Cathedral was begun by Archbishop John Hughes; the idea was to substitute the original St. Patrick's Cathedral (today used as a parish church in New York).

In 1988 and 1989, modern lights and a new amplification system were installed. Before Christmas in 1989, a bas-relief sculpture was mounted on the Cathedral; it was dedicated to Saint Frances Cabrini. Renewed artists in Boston, Massachusetts; Chartres, France; and Birmingham, England made the windows. St. Patrick’s Cathedral has a capacity of 2,200 people. The architect of this cathedral was an American called James Renwick. Another American designed the Lady Chapel, his name was Charles Matthews. Tiffany and Company designed the St. Michael and St. Louis altar and Paolo Medici of Rome designed the St. Elizabeth altar. The Stations of the Cross are impressive works of art; in fact, in 1893, these works of art won first place in the World’s Fair in Chicago.

The exterior of the Cathedral has a length of approximately 405 feet with a width of 274 feet. A crypt under the high altar is where the Archbishops of New York are buried. St. Patrick’s Cathedral has three organs. Each year, approximately 3 million people visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

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