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Old Bethpage Village Restoration: Back to the Past

In 1963, Old Bethpage Village Restoration was born when the Powell property (a farm of 165 acres on the Nassau-Suffolk border) was acquired by Nassau County. This land was acquired to develop a historic restoration because in Long Island, unique historic lands were being destroyed constantly. The first structure that was saved and moved to the Powell property was the Manetto Hill Methodist Church. Today, around 7 reconstructions and 51 historic buildings are situated in Old Bethpage Village Restoration. These buildings are chosen according to its historical significance and architectural details.

The mission of this restoration village is to have a sample of 19th century structures, but the job of the volunteers of this place does not end there, they are also in charge of restoring the buildings to a specific point of their particular history, and they also have to research the lives of the former inhabitants. As you can realize, volunteers are an integral part of the village, they are the ones that offer a variety of activities within this place. They interpret 19th century history to the visitors, plant and weed historic gardens, care for the farm animals and repair and plant fences.

This village is a great place for the family, a field trip of a school or an educational adventure. Old Bethpage Village Restoration offers many programs for children of all ages. Imagine yourself walking across this majestic village, you will feel inside a time machine like the DeLorean in Back to the Future; do not miss this opportunity.

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