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Russian & Turkish Baths: The Art of Relaxation

Russian & Turkish Baths began to serve New York in 1982; since that moment, this place has been an unexpected paradise that provides an incredible experience. It is located between First Avenue and Avenue A. The current facilities are new and attract many clients, who prefer to pay immediately or have a membership. Wearing only a robe and slippers and using all the towels that you want, you will feel a relaxing pleasure while releasing all the accumulated stress. This place opens daily.

The facilities have an ice cold pool, a Russian sauna, a Swedish steam room, a Turkish steam room, a Swedish shower, a sun deck, a restaurant and locker rooms. Special treatments at Russian & Turkish Baths include a Swedish/Russian Massage, Platza oak Leaf, a Dead Sea salt scrub, a seaweed salt scrub, a black mud treatment and a soap wash.

The Swedish/Russian Massage is one of the favorite treatments of Russian & Turkish Baths. This massage is performed by Russian man or woman that pound, squeeze, unwind and de-tense muscles that you never thought that you had; after that, another massage expert will perform a more easygoing massage that will ease any pain. It is completely normal to feel shy about the fact that a strange person is working on your inner thigh or near the chest. If you feel like that, it is advisable to let the professional massage therapists know. Some clients even prefer to wear a bathing suit or keep their underwear on.

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